Friday, 1 February 2008

I Take It All Back

I've been complaining bitterly for ages about the lack of new ideas for TV programmes and films, there have been remakes of things like the Dukes of Hazard which in it's original incarnation was pretty awful and then last year we had the new Star Trek film which in my opinion has given the whole franchise a kick start.

And then on TV came the likes of Dollhouse which started off a bit lame but got so much better before being cancelled. And of course we have Fringe and the excellent Walter Bishop, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Warehouse 13, Sanctuary, Paradox and of course Ashes to Ashes with the marvelous Gene Hunt. But the biggest let down so far is Star Gate Universe, it's got none of the stuff that made SG1 and Atlantis worth watching.

And then in the cinema came Avatar, I know the story could be white people and native Americans (or Indians when I were a lad) or anything similar but the way the film is done is brilliant especially if you watch the 3D version. Some 3D films throw in special effects just to startle as a piece of vomit flies off the screen or something.

But in Avatar there's none of that, it's filmed normally but the 3D just gives it an added depth, the jungle scene with the insects flying about is one bit that c omes to mind.

Iron Man was great last year and Iron Man 2 will be here soon, then there's more Harry Potter and finally someone is going to redo Gerry Anderson's UFO. I pray that it will be better than Thunderbirds where the actors were more wooden than the original series and from what I've heard so far it's looking very promising, I just hope nobody does a Joe 90 remake.