Monday, 30 July 2012

First an apology to Mr Jeremy Clarkson, he would probably disagree with me but he's wrong. I've bought a Chevrolet Aveo, it's made in Korea and it's a damn good car.
Admitedly, it doesn't have the benefits of styling from some of the big names but it's not a bad looking car, it goes well, it has a Vauxhall Corsa engine, it's small and nimble, it's economical, easy to drive and it's fun.
So far it's done about 8,000 miles completely trouble free and on long runs gives me over 50 miles to the gallon, it's toured round Southern Ireland and managed to go all the way from Rotherham to Killarney in quite good comfort, probably more comfortable than the BWM 523 I used to have in which I used to get pains in the back of my leg.

It will happily cruise at motorway speeds without too much noise, the stereo works and will play music from a USB stick, it's got wipers, a horn, headlights and good air con and I like it.
It's got a paid service coming up shortly, I'm going to see about getting it dealer serviced to keep the 3 year warranty valid so I'll update this with the servicing costs and dealer review when it happens.

Keep coming back for more about the little blue monster.