Friday, 14 September 2012

And we're back

Just over 12 months ago we were abandoned in Rotherham when Best Buy decided that they could not sustain their UK operation any longer. A;most 10 months of travelling to Newark took their toll on our car which had to be replaced and now we have escaped and moved back to South Wales to the small town of Pontarddulais.

I now have a 20 mile trip to work, car insurance and house insurance is less, there are rissolles available in the chip shop, DOuble Dragon is served in the pub and I can get Joe's Ice Cream again.

What more could a grown man want?

I will miss some things about Rotherham, the people I worked with in Best Buy were generally pretty good with the exception of one or two. The flat was warm-ish, quiet and fairly comfortable and then there was the shower, that was incredibly awesome and one day I hope to have one like it again.

I won't miss the roads and the daily commute to Newark but the latter was my choice to be fair and wasn't helped by the lack of a certain company to pay the wages they promised but you Know How that goes.

The new job seems quite good so far even though we are only in training, but the people working there seem a happy bunch so fingers crossed this could be good.

And so for now that's it, more ramblings will follow.