Sunday, 23 September 2012


I've been a fan of books for ages now and despite being a technical savy person and a sefl confessed "Geek" I always though that the Kindle was a bit of a gimmick. That was until I had the chance to start playing with one. That's when I realised how really good this bit of kit is. Battery life is brilliant, it works in the daylight and sunlight unlike my tablet and you can carry loads of books with you.
Then I came across a short coming in one, one of the books I had was in PDF format and although the Kindle can read these, it was unable to change the size of the text without zooming into the whole page. And of course I had some E-Books in formats that the Kindle couldn't recognise. After a bit of searching, I came across a bit of software calle Calibre. You can download it by going to the creators website at
Quite simply, it will catalogue all your ebooks, convert from all sorts of formats to whatever format your book reader uses and you can download the covers and bits of information to help you decided if you really want to keep the book. It's available for Windows, Macs and of course Linux, there's even a portable version available for a memory stick.
Just get hold of it and give it a try out.

Here's it's facebook page