Sunday, 23 September 2012

Line 0 Error in Internet Explorer

Quite a few people seem to be getting this error when starting Internet Explorer

Most people getting this error seem to be using iGoogle as their homepage. It’s possible that a malfunctioning gadget (application box) on your iGoogle page is causing the error.
Should I Be Worried? This error doesn’t seem to pose a security risk, but it should be dealt with in order to avoid other problems with Internet Explorer.
What Do I Need to Do? It seems that in most cases, this error can be resolved by removing the malfunctioning gadget from your iGoogle page:
• In the top-right corner of the gadget you’d like to delete, click the down arrow.
• Select Delete this gadget.
If you continue to experience problems, or you can’t determine which gadget is causing the issue, you can find more troubleshooting steps at the iGoogle help center.