Tuesday, 24 September 2013


In 2000, I managed to see one of my favourite bands at a club in Liverpool, the band was called Camel and the venue was the Lomax, I was almost at the head of the queue to get into the club, the doors opened and we went in. I managed to get a drink and found myself at the far end of a room,  I couldn't get any further away from the stage, the view wasn't up to much but what the heck.

I was leaning against some railings at the far end, Colin Bass' Outcast of The Islands album was playing when I heard a noise behind me, I turned around and saw a smaller stage in the darkness all setup and ready to go, I was going to be right at the front.

Camel came on and did their bit, I got a T-Shirt and had an awesome night and even managed to get some pictures of the show on a small 1Mega Pixel camera.

At the end of the show, myself and some other fans waited around for a while and managed to speak to Andy, Colin. Denis Clement (amazing drummer) and Guy Le Blanc. The tour manager arrived and tried to hurry the band onto the bus and was told to go away as we, the fans were the reason the band was here.

The pictures from the show are at the bottom of the article but the reason I'm writing this now in 2013 is because at the end of October, I will be going to see them again at the Barbican Centre in London, it's been 13 years and I can't wait.

Camel at The Lomax, Liverpool, 2000